DC Road Runners Outstanding Coach 2016 * Run Washington Magazine Best Coach 2017

Motivational Speaking

Watch Marathon Mama and scroll down for more information on how to book Kathy for a performance and/or motivational talk at your next event.

Sometimes you need to run away to find yourself!
  • I’d love to share my journey by performing Marathon Mama: A 10-Minute Play in front of your women’s group, fitness class, or health fair. Attendees will travel around the world with me, via the Las Vegas strip, as I train for the Marine Corps Marathon enduring brutal heat, self-doubt, and chafing! You will cheer me on as I run through the streets of DC past monuments of great American heroes learning along the way what it means to be my own hero. Following my performance, I will lead a Q&A to discuss how to take the first step toward your goals.
  • Or, let’s schedule an author’s reading and Q&A about my book, More Than Miles:  A Woman’s Guide to Running for the Body, Mind and Sole.
  • Or, invite me to speak to any large group on a topic that fits your audience: running, how to start running, running injury-free, running as lifestyle and running for mental well being.
  • Or, let’s go on a field trip! I also specialize in grocery store tours aimed at helping my clients clean up their pantries to fuel their bodies for running and for everyday health.
Thank you Kathy for your recommendations, they really made a difference!  My cholesterol tests came back and my numbers dropped by 40 points! I also lost 12lbs – so I am feeling empowered.  
Your energy and enthusiasm helped me face the difficult process of changing my eating/drinking habits at age 44!
Suzanne S.