DC Road Runners Outstanding Coach 2016 * Run Washington Magazine Best Coach 2017

Hi, I’m Kathy! I am an accomplished runner, a certified holistic health coach, an award winning professional run coach, and a running ambassador (you can click here for a full list of my credentials). I am a passionate believer in the power of running to change lives; here’s how it changed mine:
Over a decade ago, while expecting our first child, my husband and I relocated across the country. The stress of leaving my job, moving, and becoming a first time mom left me overweight, lonely, and depressed.
I was unhappy with myself, unsure of my role as a new mom and unhealthy all around. Even my husband’s attempts at loving hugs, or compliments, were met with tirades of self-loathing. I was living out loud and my negative soundtrack was everywhere. 
After one of my outbursts, my husband’s response finally opened my eyes to the damage I was doing. He pointed out that my negativity would ultimately shape the way our daughter viewed herself. Is this how I wanted our baby girl to begin her journey? Isn’t it our job as parents to provide positive messages to counteract all the negativity in the world? Our young daughter was surrounded by the wrong messages about self-image and self worth and they were coming from me.
I had to make a change. It was time to reclaim my life and become a positive role model for our daughter. I needed an audacious goal, something that would make me feel as if I mattered. I needed to feel strong and in control.
The following morning I announced that I planned to run a marathon.  Instead of being stuck with a mother who sat around feeling sorry for herself focusing on her physical flaws, my daughter would see a mother taking action, working toward being her best self.  Little did I know how ambitious a goal it was. 
After logging thousands of steps while pushing a jogging stroller, I began the race feeling energetic and euphoric. Unfortunately around mile 20, my euphoria and energy simultaneously evaporated; I hit the so-called wall.” Though I had to walk the last six miles, I summoned the energy to run across the finish line and was presented with a finisher’s medal by a young Marine. It was one of the best moments of my life (I even wrote and performed a one-woman show about the whole experience, click here to watch me in a clip from Marathon Mama).
Running gave me the power to believe in myself again. I was hooked and wanted to feel this way for the rest of my life. I wanted other women to feel this way too, which led me to become a certified holistic health and run coach for women. I’ve run numerous marathons since that first one, qualified for and completed the Boston Marathon, and trained hundreds of women to run while helping them to love the skin they’re in.
Becoming a runner changed my life. I am committed to using my experiences and qualifications to help women find their power to eliminate negative personal narratives and launch a personal soundtrack of awesome.

Running with everyone truly makes my 5:10 AM alarm seem….not so bad and not so loud. Seriously! The kindness, conversation and supportive nature of the group is truly remarkable- especially at 5:45 AM!! Thank you Kathy, for setting the tone and creating a “warm” atmosphere even when it’s 30 degrees. 🙂

LeeAnne T.